Welcome - LifeSong Manchester

Welcome to LifeSong Church! We’re so glad that you are checking us out. This is a place where relationships are born. Relationships that will encourage you in your day to day struggles. Come partner with us in bringing life and light to our   community.

LifeSong Church is a community of people who most of all are in love with Jesus. Everyone you ever come into contact with has a story to share, at LifeSong we listen and honor those stories. We also believe that we are all a part of a greater story, God’s Story, and we want to be a place where we can help you enter into his story in a real and authentic way.

We are beginning as a small group of people who all want the same thing, to transform lives and communities through Jesus. It has become obvious to me that people in Hartford and Tolland County really do want a relationship with God, they just don’t want to play games and be fake. Me too!

We will be known in our community as a safe place to explore faith in Christ with others who are on a spiritual journey. We know it can and will get a little messy, but I believe that as we start living authentically God smiles and says it’s “A beautiful mess”