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If you are checking us out:
LifeSong Manchester does not want your money… we want to be a part of your spiritual journey toward God. Money is not important to us… you and God are.

If you want to help move this vision:
Giving to LifeSong Manchester means that you are helping establish this church in the community of Manchester. Resources such as volunteerism and money are vehicles that allow us build opportunities for relationships and  meeting  the needs of people and the community.

In Giving:
People with physical needs will be fed and clothed.
People that are serving Manchester such are educators and civil servants will be recognized for making a better community.
You help create environments for relationships to develop and grow.
Family coaching opportunities such as marriage, parenting, and personal financial budgeting will be provided.

In short, our resources will not be used to build a kingdom, but will be used to help build a movement… a movement that points people to God.

Pastor Jason

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