How We Do Church - LifeSong Manchester


We seek to “grow in the beauty” of the Lord each time we gather through passionate worship and teaching. Our worship service is casual and the gospel centered preaching will appeal not only to believers, but also seekers and skeptics.


Meals are a daily reminder of our common need for God and His faithfulness to provide both physically and spiritually. Jesus called us to remember Him and His sacrifice for us through a meal. We will regularly eat meals with those not in our immediate family or circle of close friends, discipling them toward a life of dependence on God.

Gospel Communities

Small groups of people (8 to 10 people) who meet once a week in a home, for the purpose of doing life together, learning God’s word and putting into practice the teachings of Christ. This will create light in the community


We will never be all about whom we have in our worship community, but instead of whom we still have not. Everything we do, whether it is an event or a project, is wholly community based.


We have a culture and reputation of being a generous church. This is reflected in our leadership and disciples.